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Why Boutique Housekeeping?

We love our customers. Our customers love their homes and want them to be the sanctuary they deserve. That’s why they come to Boutique Housekeeping for the very best help and we love to help! As one of our Housekeepers you’ll play a big role in improving the lives of our customers and in growing a business that is as caring as you are.  Your role as a Housekeeper is all about making sure each customer receives the very best service every day and we will support you in this. Thanks to your warm and friendly manner, helpful approach and passion for tidiness, cleanliness and organisation, you will become a valued and respected part of their household. Taking huge pride in what you do, and able to turn your hand to anything domestic you’ll make sure the customer’s homes are sparkling and running smoothly. Your eye for detail will spot jobs that need doing before the customer has even noticed them; lightbulbs will be changed, flowers refreshed and fridges kept clean under your own initiative.

We are offering flexible weekday, daytime hours to suit you, career development opportunity and the chance to contribute your ideas and passion to this growing company. We believe that our recruitment, training and career process and plans should not be a tick in the box but regarded as crucial pieces of work. We believe that it is our responsibility to give our employees the very best opportunities to enhance their skills and further their careers.

We know that one size doesn't fit all which is why we devise a bespoke training plan for each of our employees, allowing us to further enhance strengths and concentrate on areas of development. We also give team members the opportunity to undertake formal qualifications.

Housekeeper/House manager role

Join our local friendly team of domestic housekeepers and house managers. We are a small team making extraordinary improvements to our customers’ lives.

Hiring now in Leicestershire


To find out more about becoming a valued member of the Boutique Housekeeping team ... or about how we prepare our team to become the finest housekeepers around, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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