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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ... and the answer is, YES. We often work alongside existing cleaners in our clients homes, as our traditional housekeeper role is so much more involved in all aspects of home management. Not only existing cleaners, but our team happily work alongside many other other household staff too, in a positive and collaborative manner. When any team are coming together to work effectively, communication is key and this is something which we pride ourselves on here at Boutique Housekeeping. You'll never be left wondering who is responsible for certain tasks. We clearly detail what we do and how we will help.

  • The feedback we receive from our clients is truly amazing and the difference we make to our clients' lives often echo very similar things; to bring peace and calm to a home, to remove stress and most importantly, to create more time for you to spend with your family and friends. We work in partnership with our clients and work towards their core goals. Every home is unique.

  • Within a few days, we will have you scheduled in for a call / visit from our senior leadership team. It's important for us that our management team get to know you to truly understand your needs and just how you like things. We will then schedule your visits in at times that suit you best and train your personal housekeeper to your requirements.

  • Absolutely not. We are here to help, not to judge. We love to create calm and welcoming homes.

    • If you feel bogged down by the daily grind.

    • If you wish you could have more fun.

    • If you feel overwhelmed by your home and the expectations put upon you.

    • If you struggle to find clean clothes in the morning.

    • If no one emptied the dishwasher …again.

    • If you are struggling to cope through mobility and illness.

    • If you would love to know that your elderly parents are cared for.

    • If you have so many different jobs that you need help with from booking your car in for it’s service to helping you tackle your back log of paperwork.

    • If the dog needs looking after but you’d like someone to prepare you a meal at the same time…

    • If you have parcels that need posting and you just have no time.

    • If you just need someone to help you who is flexible, friendly and bright and would help you with anything you needed.​

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