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Kitchen, dinning and seating area


Our range of services

Boutique Housekeeping offer bespoke housekeeping services to help to manage and organise your
home. We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

We work efficiently and professionally to ensure everything within your home operates smoothly.
Covering the Leicestershire area, our housekeeping services ensure that your home is always
beautifully presented and most importantly, provides you with a relaxing space to unwind.

If you require flexibility, reliability and a bespoke service, Boutique Housekeeping will be on hand to

Elegant seating room in neutral colours.

Maintaining a home takes time and energy.

Our fully trained, traditional housekeepers will take the weight off your shoulders, they will manage and organise your home for you. Not only will they keep it clean and tidy, they will also implement organisational processes, manage food and stock levels, complete unfinished jobs and free up your time to enjoy your home, create memories and relax.


We often get asked “What is a House Manager?”

A House Manager helps with the running of your home. Life admin can take over so much of your time and we are here to help. From organising the rest of your staff to streamlining your budgets and bills, making appointments and general p.a. work, we are here to do whatever is needed to free up your time to do more interesting things instead.

Need a plumber or a handyman, an electrician or a builder? We can help. We can help you source and support you in this process through our network of trusted suppliers.

Lifestyle & Home Management

Incense and plant on grey background.
Holding Hands

Helping you and your loved ones at home

If you are struggling through mobility or illness or you would like to know your elderly parents are being cared for to a high standard, we can help. Our wonderful team will be on hand to provide, meals, company and a flexible pair of hands to rely on. You will have a personal housekeeper dedicated to you and our communication systems mean that you can request last minute shopping or errands and you will also be updated on the daily visits.

Decluttering & Organisation

Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Are dis-organised rooms making it hard for you to find things?

This can feel very hard to live with leaving you mentally drained.

Boutique Housekeeping offers support to help you through this. Our 3 step programmes work through how you’ve got to this point, how to make the difficult decision-making processes easier and practical support on a one-to-one basis.

Not only will you be left with a clean and tidy space but you’ll also be able to breathe freely again, safe in the knowledge that you now have the skills to stay in this new space of clarity and freedom.

Wooden Cabinet With Semi-circular Mirror.
Packing Boxes And Plants.

Our 'Market Ready' and 'Moving On' packages are specifically designed to make your house move easier. ‍ 

Our Market Ready ‍Package

Getting your home ready for the market can feel like a daunting task. Our specialist knowledge of a wide range of properties puts your home in safe hands and enables us to deliver the best possible results. 

We specialise in:

- Tidying

- De-cluttering

- Styling

- Cleaning

- Home maintenance

We have a team of contractors who will make repairs, decorate your home, and look after your garden. 

We will ensure your home is looking it’s very best for marketing and viewing presentations. 

Our commitment to exceed expectations and our high skill level, dedication and communication transforms homes. We are here to help you maximise the value of your home in an efficient timescale enabling you to get the best price as quickly as possible. ‍ 

Our Moving On ‍Package

Our expertise in organising, tidying and cleaning means we are the perfect partner to prepare you for an efficient move. We work with you to decide what you no longer need, pack in an organised manner and leave your house clean and welcoming for the new owners. We will clean and unpack in your new home too.

Getting your house ready to sell

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