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Boutique Housekeeping Ltd partners with the Alternative Divorce Company to Support Families Through Difficult Transitions

Boutique Housekeeping Ltd, is pleased to announce it’s affiliation with the Alternative Divorce Company (The ADC), a leading provider of specialist divorce coaching, founded by Dr Glynis Wright MBE. This partnership underscores Boutique Housekeeping’s commitment to supporting families during challenging life transitions such as divorce or break ups, by offering specialised services to ease the emotional burden.

As a trusted name in the cleaning and housekeeping industry, Boutique Housekeeping understands the significant impact that household responsibilities can have on relationships. The delicate balance between caring for children, managing a job and maintaining a household can often become overwhelming, especially during times of emotional strain.

Through it’s partnership with the ADC, Boutique Housekeeping aims to provide additional support to individuals and families navigating the complexities of divorce or breakup. By offering access to specialist divorce coaching, Boutique Housekeeping seeks to help couples minimise the emotional and financial impact of separation, ultimately fostering smoother transitions for all involved.

“We are proud to collaborate with the ADC to offer valuable support to families facing challenging life transitions “ said Caroline Chilley Co-Founder and CEO of Boutique Housekeeping. “At Boutique Housekeeping we recognise the importance of alleviating the burdens associated with managing a family and a home. It can feel overwhelming, exhausting and stressful, taking it’s toll on relationships and ultimately the mental health of the whole family. Through this partnership we hope to provide our clients with the resources and support they need to keep the relationship together or navigate the transition with greater ease and resilience.”

The Alternative Divorce Company, founded by Dr Glynis Wright MBE, is renowned for it’s expertise in providing specialised divorce coaching to help couples minimise the emotional and financial impact of separation. By combining Boutique Housekeeping’s commitment to quality service with the ADC’s dedication to supporting families through difficult times, this partnership aims to provide comprehensive support to individuals and families in Leicestershire and beyond.

For more information about Boutique Housekeeping Ltd and it’s partnership with the Alternative Divorce Company, visit and

Caroline Chilley

Tel – 0116 367 7599


Boutique Housekeeping Ltd is a leading provider of premium home cleaning and housekeeping services across Leicestershire and the UK. With a focus on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, Boutique Housekeeping has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.


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