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5 Surprising tips on keeping cool in a heatwave

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

1. Do not mow your lawn! Not only does mowing the lawn in a heatwave stress the grass but longer cut grass will help to shade the soil from moisture loss, thus keeping the ground around your house cooler. The shorter your lawn the hotter your environment will be. Artificial grass is the hottest of all at 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than natural grass.

Ice lollies on a plate. Staying cool with Boutique Housekeeping.
Ice lollies on a plate.

2. Hose down the outside walls of your house, the patio and paths that surround your home in the evening as you open your window. These can reach extreme heat temperatures and cooling them down will have a significant effect.

3. Don’t keep the windows open all day. In most modern homes double glazing will help to keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during the winter. If the air outside your house is hotter than on the inside, close your windows to conserve the chill. In the mornings and evenings when the air is cool, open up as many windows as you can to cool the house down. As the day warms up, close the windows and the curtains on the side that is in the sun. Follow this round through the day if possible.

4. A cool shower. It may be tempting to flop into bed but a 3 minute cool shower will reduce your body temperature and make it easier to sleep. Consider sleeping with cool wet hair too.

5. Drink a glass of cool water at bedtime and sleep with a thin sheet rather than no covers at all. This will help to regulate your body heat.


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