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Why “Time Stealers” in your home are Impacting Your Success and Happiness.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Time is our most valuable commodity.

Who doesn’t have a list of jobs they never seem to get through? Jobs that keep skulking around at the bottom of the list, never being ticked off, because you just don’t have time.

Well here’s the secret, you don’t want to do them.

The dishwasher needs fixing, there’s an ironing pile that is forever growing and the spare room is so full of junk, you can’t even shut the door on it anymore.

Jobs left undone are “ Time stealers” and the longer they remain undone their stealing becomes even more extravagant and greedy.

The dishwasher starts to smell and leak… hand washing is the only option until you find time to order a new one.

You can’t find that shirt you need for an important meeting … you arrive late and flustered.

Your mother-in-law is coming to stay… and you have to sleep on the sofa.

Close your eyes and imagine those jobs are done, how much better you’ll feel, how much more efficiently your house and your life will run. How much happier you’ll be.

Give yourself a break, buy your time back and concentrate on the jobs you do enjoy, the jobs that create wealth and create your happiness .

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